Your pensionfund


We are Stichting Algemeen Pensioenfonds KLM. More than 12,000 employees of KLM accrue pension with us and more than 11,000 receive a monthly pension.

We generally communicate in Dutch. We are, however, aware that not all our participants understand Dutch. Therefore we have translated the key information about your pension fund in English.

Our pension scheme

You accrue a mandatory pension with us. You do this through your employer KLM. Each employer has its own scheme. The Pension 1-2-3 explains what you do and do not receive in our pension scheme. The Pension 1-2-3 does not contain any personal information about your pension.

With the Pension comparison tool, you can compare our pension scheme with your previous or possible future pension scheme. This is useful information if you are thinking about a value transfer to our pension fund or thinking about changing jobs.

Pensioen 1-2-3 and Pension comparison tool

We’re getting a new pension scheme

The government introduced new pension rules on 1 July 2023. Your pension scheme will be changing as a result of these new rules. Your employer and the unions have negotiated a new pension scheme. They have laid down their agreements in a transition plan. The aim of the new pension scheme is – still – to ensure that you accrue a good pension during your years of service.

Vliegtuig Schiphol

Overview of your total accrued pension

If you would like to see your accrued pension with our pension fund as well as with previous employers, visit the website (My Pension Overview).